**It is preferred that you come and pick up your puppy from our home. **


It is our sincere desire to ensure everyone’s safety during these uncertain times - we follow AKC guidelines for social distancing

 1) we have an outdoor meeting area where we can visit with your puppy insuring he / she is the right fit for your family 

2) we ask that 2 family members maximum attend the meeting

3) Normally we would have you meet the mother and the rest of the litter in our home - at this time we will focus only on the puppy your coming to see

4) Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask will be provided


        ”This might be our new norm” allowing us to practice good safety and health precautions for our canines and family members


When it is not possible for you to come to our home - we have a few options available:

We are willing to meet you with in a 150 mile radius of our home

As always you are more than welcome to fly into Orlando / Sanford and we will make arrangements to meet you at the airport allowing you to fly back home safely with your new addition.  


 We can help you secure a Flight Nanny - provided flights are available - fee for this service varies on location and is set by nanny


************During these uncertain times amid the pandemic most major airlines are not transporting puppies ‘via cargo.***********