To inquire regarding the purchase of a Corazon Havanese : 
Call anytime to talk to us in person 573-300-1729.   

We can also be reached by text. 
Or email us at: 

A deposit of  $300 will hold your pick of a Corazon havanese .  Feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone anytime to discuss the adoption of your puppy.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have during the decision-making or adoption process.  We realize that this is an important event, and we strive to match the right dog to the right owner.   

Deposits are required to hold your puppy.  Due to the great demand for our pups, we are unable to hold a puppy without a deposit.  Because we are reserving your puppy with a deposit, we turn other prospective buyers away and therefore deposits are non-refundable.  

This practice also encourages your careful determination of a commitment to your new family member and no need for rehoming due to a hasty decision. 

We reserve the right to refuse sale/adoption to any person at any time at our discretion, even if a deposit has been collected.  If this occurs, your deposit will be refunded.  

It is only very seldom that any puppy will be sold with full registration - if a show / breed prospect should come available - and the pup can not complete championship due to minor faults - that pup can still produce quality off spring with show potential. I do require all health tests to be done and pup must not be cross bred outside of the havanese breed. It is never acceptable to sell off spring to pet shops, puppy mills, or puppy brokers - all puppies are to be treated as family members living inside your home. 


We accept Paypal for deposits