Coraz’on Havanese 

Pamela Rolla          

2202 Marion County Road 

Weirsdale, FL 32195 


Show / Breed Agreement 

Date: _____________ 

This agreement is made between Coraz’on Havanese and buyer/s 

Name: __________________ 

Address: ________________ 

Home phone: ____________ 

Cell phone: ______________ 

Email: ___________________ 

For the Purchase Of:  Havanese Dog 

Sex:          Color:            DOB:           

AKC                              Microchip# 

AKC Registered Name : 

Sire:             AKC #                                      

Dam:                 AKC:                                                           

This puppy is being sold as a Show / Breed potential puppy for the sum of $___________ This puppy is being sold with full registration to buyer. 

Deposit / Balance Due 

Deposit of $ 300.00 receipt of which is acknowledged __________ 

Balance Due:  at time of pick up or delivery / 10 days prior to shipping 


             *Shipping is available United Pet Safe*  If that service is needed 

                          Balance is to be paid in cash, or paypal 

                           **Buyer understands that deposits are a commitment to purchase and are therefore non refundable** 

Transfer of Ownership and AKC Registration 

Upon Payment in full of the Purchase Price, Seller shall promptly deliver / mail signed puppy agreement along with AKC registration papers, medical information,  and microchip information to buyer. It is the buyers responsibility to register the puppy with AKC and also to register the microchip with AKC Reunite. 

Show / Breed Prospect 

This puppy is being sold as a show / breed prospect puppy. It is understood that at the time of sale this puppy has no disqualifying faults or major faults that would prevent him / her from achieving his / her championship. It is hoped that buyer will put honest effort into showing this puppy to championship - *if at all possible. Should puppy not be able to achieve championship, pending on faults, he / she could still be bred and produce nice puppies with show potential. Seller can not guarantee dogs ability to win. 

This puppy must be fully health tested prior to breeding and only bred to fully health tested, purebred havanese dogs clear of genetic problems associated with this breed. 

Health Guarantee: 

Seller guarantees that puppy is in good health and has received appropriate medical immunizations and care including distemper, parvo  and worming. Seller will provide buyer with Health Certificate detailing treatment puppy has received under sellers care.. 

Seller guarantees that puppy is free of serious life threatening conditions for the first 48 hours after delivery to buyer. This does not include hypoglycemia (as it can be brought on by stress and lack of proper feeding). Seller recommends a vet exam (at buyer expense) with in this time frame in order to be covered by guarantee. Should a serious life threatening condition be found during the vet examination and attested to in writing by the buyers veterinarian, and confirmed by our veterinarian - seller will provide a replacement puppy as soon as such a puppy is available, . In this case, providing a communicable disease is not present that would endanger another puppy, the buyer must return the puppy to the seller immediately along with all health records received from the buyers veterinarian, including any records of vaccinations given during buyers care, and all paperwork received form seller. All costs incurred to return the puppy and receive replacement puppy will be paid for by the buyer. Buyer assumes full responsibility for the puppies health after 48 hours - releasing and holding harmless seller from all health issues and medical cost. 

Seller does not guarantee Dog against any health related problems or death caused from vaccines, heart worm prevention, or flea/tick treatments (oral or topical). This includes symptoms of kennel cough after puppy has received the vaccine. Seller does NOT give puppy shots any sooner then 3-4 weeks apart. Seller does NOT give Lepto vaccine to any Dog under 16 weeks old. Seller does not guarantee injuries resulting in loose patellas or cherry eyes. 

Seller guarantees this puppy against genetic disorders until 24 months of age or until dog has sired or whelped a litter, whichever comes first, should this puppy develop a genetic abnormality that would significantly shorten the life span of this puppy, attested to in writing to seller by buyers veterinarian, and canine specialist, and / or sellers choice of 2nd opinion veterinarian, the seller will provide buyer with replacement puppy as soon as such a puppy is available. All costs incurred to receive replacement puppy will be paid for by the buyer. 

* Please note: Injuries are not hereditary, nor are issues related to improper feeding &/or veterinary care* 

*Once dog has sired / whelped a litter all health guarantees are void* 


Seller strongly recommends that buyer attend obedience or conformation classes with puppy to provide proper socialization opportunities - but not before 2nd set of vaccinations. 

Seller shall not be held responsible for acts of puppy that are due to buyers negligence. 


Buyer agrees to maintain dog in good health, provide routine preventive care including vaccinations, internal and external parasite prevention, and proper dental care including the removal of extra puppy teeth and routine teeth cleaning. 

Buyer agrees to provide dog with high quality nutritious food and supplements.  NuVet Plus strongly suggested: Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, we also highly recommend you continue to give your pup NuVet Plus to promote optimal health for a lifetime. 

NuVet 1-800-474-7044  code 22844 or online at

Buyer agrees that seller can repossess dog upon gross neglect and or abuse at no expense to seller. In the event of repossession buyer will furnish seller with all documentation including health care, registration will be properly signed and returned to seller. Neglect to include severely matted dog, infestation of parasites. Or abuse to include tied outside with no shelter, locked in kennel and not let out in a timely manner so as to have to sit in own stool and urine, or any and all other act of cruelty to dog. 


Seller maintains right of first refusal. If at any time the buyer is unable to keep puppy, the buyer agrees to contact the seller first. If the buyer has a new home available for the puppy seller must approve it first or puppy can be returned to seller at buyers expense. The AKC papers and vet records must go with the puppy. If the buyer for whatever reason does not give seller right of first refusal, then seller has the right to repossess the dog from it's new owner and seek recourse in a court of law - all court costs, attorney fees paid for by the original buyer. 

Buyer agrees to keep in contact with seller with pictures and information. Buyer also agrees to notify seller with any address change, phone number, and email address or living situation. Buyer agrees to notify seller if at any time in puppies life a health problem arises - to enable seller to better her breedings. 

This puppy and it's offspring may not be sold to a dog dealer, puppy shop, or agent of any kind. Should buyer resell this puppy to an unsatisfactory home, or use him / her at breeding in a manor that is not satisfactory to seller ( such as breeding to another breed of dog) seller has the right to reposes the dog and seek recourse in the court of law for a sum of no more than $5000.00, along with all court costs, attorney fees.  All proceedings will be conducted in the state of Florida county of Lake. 

Buyer understands this contract is non transferable. 

Should buyer choose to break any of the covenants of this agreement, the remainder of agreement will be null and void, and the seller will have the right to repossess the puppy. 

Indemnity and Release 

If any action or failure to act on the part of the Buyer shall result in any claim, suit, loss, damage, injury, death, or liability, Buyer agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold Seller harmless and pay all of Sellers cost and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, any amount paid in settlement and any award or judgment with respect thereto. Buyer releases Seller from any and all liability, costs or damages caused by the Dog after placement with Buyer, including but not limited to damage to or destruction of property, and injury to any person 

The undersigned agree to uphold all covenants of this agreement as of: 


Buyer: (print)_______________________________________________ 

Buyer (S) :_________________________________________________ 


Seller (S):_________________________________________________ 

Thank You for Choosing A Coraz’on Havanese!             

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Through The Grace Of God A Puppy Was Born - A Home Was Found - A Friend For Life 

***We reserve the right to refuse sale/adoption to any person at any time at our discretion, even if a deposit has been collected.  If this occurs, your deposit will be refunded. ***